How large of a sunroom can I build?

We can build a sunroom of any size to suit your specifications, while meeting engineering requirements and building code dictates.

Do I need to obtain a building permit?

Yes, a building permit is required; and in Winnipeg, we will obtain it for you.  Otherwise SunCo provides a set of engineer-stamped documents for your building permit's acquisition.  Applicable permit / documentation costs are typically displayed in your quoted project budget breakdown.

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Can I see some completed projects?

SunCo has three full size drive-up displays open 24/7 for viewing at your leisure. We can also arrange a visit to a past project that is similar in design and introduce you to those who have previously placed their trust in us.

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How long will my sunroom last?

Your SunCo sunspace will have a virtually unlimited lifespan of maintenance free enjoyment.

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How much does a sunroom cost?

How much does a car cost? In the final analysis, the cost is determined by the model and option package you choose. Likewise, a SunCo sunspace has unlimited design possibilities.

Your designer will walk you through the entire project from start to completion and break down all costs clearly and concisely for your perusal. Just remember, your designer responds well to a good cup of coffee.

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What type of foundation can a sunroom be built on?

This addition to your home will be supported by piles. Both concrete piles and steel piles are building code approved sunspace foundations. Steel auger piles are more often chosen for backyard construction as they are manually screwed down into the ground to about the same depth as your basement, and they simply stay there.

The 16-inch wide by 16-foot deep concrete friction piles are a little more money and require a Bobcat to prepare the ground for placement. Of course, clean-up is provided, should you go the concrete pile route.

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What type of floor system is used?

Pressure treated lumber is used where building code requires. Minimum size 2" x 8" joists are installed 16” on center, surfaced with 5/8” tongue and groove plywood, and then uniformly supported by a minimum three-ply 2" x 8" beam over the piles.

This type of construction ensures that there will be no possibility of movement, or squeaks. In short, no regrets. We can even insulate the floor, which is often desired.

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What types of walls are used in your sunspaces?

SunCo Sunspaces wall systems are made of maintenance-free extruded aluminum with baked-on Duracron enamel finish, heat-tempered safety glass, and fibreglass screening.

Clear glass, privacy glass, solid panels, side sliding windows, swinging and sliding doors (with sliding screens) provide endless design options. No other “three season” or “three season plus” sunspace offers greater ventilation and view.

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What type of roof system do you use?

Our roof systems are a structural maintenance-free panel system that features skins of aluminum with baked-on enamel finish bonded to a core of high density polystyrene. Two thicknesses: 3" (R15), and 6" (R30) cover all performance requirements.

SunCo roof systems come complete with side fascia, integral gutters, and downspouts. SunCo's "gable" roofs feature an aluminum-clad Paralam ridge beam that's perfect for tying a ceiling fan into - no wobbles there!

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Does SunCo provide four seasons sunrooms?

Simply...Yes! Though there is a wide arena of what some call "four seasons" or "year round" sunrooms; we make it simple and fully disclosed. An aluminum and glass structure just doesn't cut it for true year round living space in our climate.

We Manitobans deal with plus forty to minus forty here, and the issue of heating and cooling is most definitely involved in creating comfortable living space. For those looking for living space, SunCo builds year round Sunspace Additions to the home.

For those looking to simply extend the use of their intended sunspace we provide what we term a "three seasons plus" sunspace. With an insulated floor, electrical service, dual glazings in our aluminum system walls and a roof system reaching R30, this space is still kept separate from your living space.

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Do I really need to have a coffee ready when the designer arrives at my home for my consultation?

No not really, but who knows, it just might work in your favour. Being friendly typically returns the same.

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